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Chili Time in St. Bernard

Posted by on May 8, 2013
I personally think it's always Chili Time

I personally think it’s always Chili Time

Our final stop on the little mini-tour of Cincinnati style chili places was Chili Time in St. Bernard.  To be honest, we don’t make it over to St. Bernard… ever.  It’s just one of those little forgotten areas that despite being near UC and the highways, we just forget it exists.  Chili Time in St. Bernard, however, is a great excuse to venture into this quaint area of town.


First thoughts on Chili Time in St. Bernard

We had a good feeling about Chili Time as we walked up to the door.  The exterior had that 70s/80s feel, and quite frankly, we were craving chili.  Anytime we’re hungry when we walk in the door, the place gets the benefit of the doubt from the start.



Hello delightfully outdated interior.  Perfect for Chili Time

Hello delightfully outdated interior. Perfect for Chili Time

The interior feels like an old chili parlor… Old chairs and booths and not a hint of pretentiousness, and I noticed as we waited to order everyone seemed to know each other.  Table after table came in and were addressed by name and seated like it was their thousandth time visiting.  If there’s something we can appreciate, it is a place having regulars and Chili Time seemed to have a whole bunch.


The first thing I noticed on the menu was Chili Time only closes for a couple hours a night… Cincinnati style chili joints also get special props if they serve late into the night.  The next thing I noticed was the breakfast section.  I don’t care what kind of restaurant or what time of day it is, I am always tempted to order breakfast.  I held off the urge and stick to the game plan… Coneys and a 3-way.


chili time 3-way

Chili Time 3-way

The coneys were pretty standard.  If we’re being transparent, it keeps getting more difficult to distinguish each place from the last.  The chili seemed a little spicier than most places, and it had a touch of unique flavor that we found appealing.  The 3-ways we ordered weren’t bad either… Lots of cheese and chili.  Overall, Chili Time’s chili was definitely in our top three so far.


A random rant about online reviewers…

Now I also have to vent a little about what others have said about this delightful little chili parlor.  I checked a couple other reviews before I wrote this, and I saw someone complaining about the chicken sandwich they ordered.  The person went on to mention they hated chili.  Why on earth did you go to a place called Chili Time?  This astounds me.  Don’t tarnish this place’s reputation because you made an ordering mistake.  Granted, Chili Time has a large menu, but do you really expect a chicken sandwich to be their specialty?  Sorry, I digress.


Final Thoughts on Chili Time in St. Bernard

So all in all Chili Time has generous hours, friendly service, and a small-town feel right in the city.  If you’re looking for a place that has a perfectly outdated décor with tasty chili, we highly recommend Chili Time.  I know Camp Washington is the place that gets all the attention in the I-75 corridor, but quite frankly, Chili Time beat it by a mile.


Ok, we’re done writing about chili for a while.  I have run out of ways to describe chili, cheese, and spaghetti.

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