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Pleasant Ridge Chili – The chili tour continues

Posted by on April 19, 2013
Pleasant Ridge Chili sign

Gotta love the painted sign on the exterior of Pleasant Ridge Chili

So after Gourmet Chili we thought our little mini Cincinnati style chili tour was over for a while.  We’d had too much chili, and quite frankly, I’m sure our sodium intake was at an all time high.  Then I get a text… “I’m craving chili.  Pleasant Ridge Chili?”  That’s all it took for us to be sitting at Pleasant Ridge Chili fifteen minutes later.


First thoughts on Pleasant Ridge Chili

The side wall is painted with a giant advertisement for the place.  Good ol’ fashioned ads like this seem to be a rarity these days.  It reminds me of the old Coca-Cola or Mail Pouch Tobacco painted walls that adorned both cities and the countryside in days of old.  You can’t help but like a place with this kind of style.  I was excited to step inside.

The interior of Pleasant Ridge Chili doesn’t have an intense diner feel, but it still has a good amount of Cincinnati memorabilia covering the walls.  Our server was prompt and friendly, and by looking around I could tell many of the people in the room were regulars.


Pleasant Ridge Chili 3-way

Probably our overall best chili experience so far at Pleasant Ridge Chili

Chili at Pleasant Ridge Chili

We each ordered a three way and a coney.  After eating at several places, I’m realizing we aren’t really experts on tasting notes.  I can’t tell you what makes one better or worse than the other.  If you’re looking for an in-depth review of spices and flavors, you’ve probably stopped reading this blog a long time ago anyway.  The easiest way I have to sum up the chili at Pleasant Ridge is that it was good enough to be a substitute for Skyline if need be.  The chili had the right sweetness that many of the other places lacked, and the cheese had the right thickness to melt in the way a good three-way should.

Apparently, like many of the other chili parlors we’ve visited, other things on the menu are a must-try as well.  When I go back I’ll try the gravy cheese fries considering how every single review I read raves about how excellent they are.  Then I’ll repent for gluttony.  Again.


Final thoughts on Pleasant Ridge Chili

All in all, Pleasant Ridge Chili is the only place we’ve tried so far I feel confident saying we’ll eat at again in the next year.  Now, truth be told, part of the reason is Pleasant Ridge Chili is only five minutes away versus the other chili houses which take a little more effort to visit.  I probably wouldn’t drive past a few Skylines just to get to the other places we’ve tried so far.  Pleasant Ridge Chili, on the right day, could actually lure us away from Skyline for a meal.


Pros: charming exterior, best overall chili experience so far

Cons: No real striking cons, but know that it is cash only


Pleasant Ridge Chili on Urbanspoon


Next up: Chili Time

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