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Gourmet Chili -Cincinnati Chili Tour

Posted by on April 17, 2013
Gourmet Chili -not so gourmet after all

Gourmet Chili -not so gourmet after all

This post will be short and sweet.  After a tasty chili cheese fry experience at Dixie Chili, we walked on down the street to Gourmet Chili in Newport KY.  The place had the initial feel of an old dive, something we always love.  The furniture was old and since it was in Kentucky and allowed smoking, the place had a fair share of cigarette smoke in the air.  I thought for sure this might be that diamond in the rough.

Our server was pleasant enough, and we enjoyed reading the story on the menu of the original founder.  He sounds like a wonderful Greek immigrant that worked hard to build his little chili parlor as well as help his community.  To that, we tip our hat.  For food, our orders were similar to the previous stops: a couple cheese coneys, please.

All was good in the world until I looked up and saw our two coneys go in the microwave.  If I’m being honest, they tasted pretty decent, but the point is we wouldn’t expect to see our hot dogs and buns get nuked at a Cincinnati-style chili parlor.  Now, once again I give the benefit of the doubt about their other food items.  They may have an excellent breakfast and a great sandwich of some sort, but the bottom line is… if you’re selling so few coneys that you have to microwave a couple then you’re not really much of a chili parlor in this town.  The coney is one of the major food groups at any respectable Cincinnati style chili house.  The mere fact they were too lazy to actually cook our hot dogs before putting the chili on them just show a lack of care.

I’m also not naive, and I’m sure more than one of our dishes since the start of DWOW has been microwaved or at least defrosted in the microwave.  Just please, at least have the decency to not microwave it right in front of me… Ignorance is bliss.  And with that, we’re on to the next stop, and I must say… It was pretty fantastic.

Pros: It felt like it was going to be a great dive

Cons: It wasn’t.  Get rid of the microwave.


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3 Responses to Gourmet Chili -Cincinnati Chili Tour

  1. rjseifertR.J. Seifert

    Confirms an old adage ” never go in the kitchen of your favorite restraunt”.

  2. Chadwick Hallister

    Lazy indeed… well said. I stopped there after the several visits. It’s a smokey low quality dive. Also “Fat” George, the son of the owner is lazy and sits most of the time.

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