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Price Hill Chili – DWOW Chili Tour

Posted by on April 11, 2013
Price Hill Chili and the Golden Fleece (image courtesy of Price Hill Chili)

Price Hill Chili and the Golden Fleece (image courtesy of Price Hill Chili)

Ask any west sider, and you’ll learn a thing or two about Price Hill Chili.  It’s been serving up food for the past fifty years and has joined the ranks of those restaurants that even us east siders have heard about.  We decided Price Hill Chili would be stop number three on our first night of our little Cincinnati style chili tour.

In all fairness to Price Hill Chili, we were hurting when we walked in the door.  Prudence and moderation had not won out over the course of the night.  Between the last two stops (Sam’s Fish & Chicken and Camp Washington Chili) we each had consumed chili cheese fries, 2 cheese coneys, and 6 chicken wings plus I believe a three way snuck in the mix.  To say we were full would be an understatement.


First Thoughts on Price Hill Chili

The first thing you notice about Price Hill Chili is its outside curb appeal.  As you drive by you can’t help but think you’re about to visit an old-timey chili parlor.  Couple that with the exterior of their cocktail lounge, the Golden Fleece, and it just feels like you’re about to go somewhere good.  And we were.

We sat at the bar and resolved ourselves to only have one coney and leave.  Unfortunately, sitting at the bar means sitting by the grill…. The heat coming from the kitchen didn’t feel too good on a bloated face, but that’s our fault, not theirs.  First thing I noticed about the inside of Price Hill Chili is the Cincinnati memorabilia.  Call me old fashioned, but I believe every mom and pop diner in Cincinnati should be covered with Cincinnati paraphernalia. Price Hill Chili gets an A-plus for getting it.


Sitting at the bar at Price Hill Chili

Sitting at the bar at Price Hill Chili

Service at Price Hill Chili

Our service was quick and we felt bad for only ordering a coney each, but the sweet lady in the kitchen said she figured we were on a little coney quest.  She took turns with another young woman as our server, who also happened to be incredibly beautiful.  I debated typing that, not wanting to look like a jerk, but it’s true.  I was somewhat embarrassed to be served by her seeing how I’d just gorged myself for the past two hours.


Back to the food at Price Hill Chili…

So here is the deal with our coneys.  The chili was good.  The cheese was the best of the day, almost Skyline quality and style, but the hot dog was too soft.  When you’ve had too much food to begin with, I can assure you an undercooked hot dog won’t make you feel very good.  With that being said, we watched food leave the kitchen the whole time we were there, most of it headed for their Golden Fleece Lounge, and it all looked absolutely amazing.  If I were to pick any of the places we’ve visited on our chili tour to eat something besides chili, I’d pick Price Hill Chili.



Price Hill Chili is a lot like Camp Washington in that you can’t really call yourself a diehard Cincinnatian without visiting both.  Will I drive from the east side just to have PHC?  Probably not, but if I’m in the area, it’s a surefire good bet for good food.


Pros: Friendly staff, great ambiance, other food looked amazing

Cons: Coney hot dog was undercooked


Next up: Dixie Chili

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