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Silverton Cafe – A classic neighborhood dive

Posted by on December 17, 2012


Pretty awesome sign on the back entrance to Silverton Cafe

Pretty awesome sign on the back entrance to Silverton Cafe

This month we didn’t venture too far from our last stop.  Silverton Cafe is located just around the corner from Chicken on the Run and is well-visited by Silverton and Deer Park folks.  Founded in 1993, Silverton Cafe is a large, but homey place that, much like Chicken on the Run, seems like if you went there more than once, you’d quickly be a regular.

At least two of us have a personal history with Silverton Cafe.  I may butcher the facts here, but I believe Mike coached the owners’ kid in Friars League basketball, and I have been going to Silverton Cafe for two years or so to watch the first round of March Madness.  So yes, some of us had been there many times.

We walked in and the same server that has served me every single time I’ve ever been there greeted us.  The special was a pizza and pitcher of beer for something like $11 bucks.  No pizza for us, but a pitcher wasn’t a bad idea.  The whole pizza deal would have only saved less than a buck, not worth it when you’re in the mood for some fried foods.  Per the usual, ordering was a simple affair.  Cheeseburgers and onion rings all around, except me who ordered a Reuben with French fries.

Diehard Silverton Cafe fans are probably a little bothered we didn’t order a double or triple decker sandwich, apparently a specialty of the place.  Our apologies.  Maybe we should have because, to be honest, our food wasn’t anything to write home about.  The burgers were your standard cheap patties, and my fries were soggy and boring.  I appreciated them giving me an unimaginable amount of them, but unfortunately they just weren’t that good.  I left several on my plate.  The redeeming item of the night had to be the onion rings.  While the debate rages on, at least two of the guys suggest these to be the best onion rings ever consumed.  I’m ok with saying they were probably really good, but I’ll stop short of saying best ever.  We’ve got a bad habit of saying things are the best ever on here.  Either way, well done Silverton Cafe.

A massive pile of unimpressive fries.

A massive pile of unimpressive fries.

So while the food didn’t hit a home run, I can’t be too hard on Silverton Cafe.  I will be back in March to watch the tournament, a tradition I have with a good friend.  Well, it’s more of her tradition with her father, but I’m honored to be invited.  This is the best part of Silverton Cafe.  It is the kind of unpretentious place with enough televisions, cold beer, and friendly staff to make you feel at home.  On any given night you’ll find a row of regulars with stories to tell.  I doubt you’ll find that at Applebee’s.  I doubt you’ll find that at a swanky new wine bar.  Only a good dive bar will fit that bill.

If you’re looking for a warm place to grab a beer and some onion rings, Silverton Cafe may be the right place for you.  Check out their website here.  Or just go visit them at 7201 Montgomery Rd.

(As always, if you have a suggestion for our next dive visit or would like to join us, please email us at

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