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Anchor Grill: Dives without Wives lives up to its name

Posted by on August 6, 2012
Anchor Grill Sign

A true American establishment

One thing was clear when we pulled into the parking lot: We have finally visited our first true dive.  Sure, Quatman’s isn’t every lady’s first choice, but it’s not exactly a dive.  Besides smelling like smoked meat, Eli’s carries with it a city-wide reputation for being good so chicks aren’t scared of it.  Anchor Grill in Covington, KY, however, is the place we dreamed of when talking about visiting a good dive.

Anchor Grill: Cash only.  Beer in the can.  A smoking section.  It was a beautiful blend of 1950 meets your Grandpa’s basement.  Wood paneling and old individual juke boxes grace the main dining room, while the bar area and kitchen have a collection of wooden ships and lighthouses that would rival your crazy aunt’s sunroom.

The reviews for Anchor Grill precede it.  I’ll quote a couple good Yelp reviews (and hopefully they won’t sue me for reposting them here…)

“Delicious greasy food.
What awesome experiences I had there as a drunken teenager. Now, I go there for brunch after Mass. It is still as wonderful as ever….  If you like goetta, scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. Yummo!   Don’t bring your kids…. Unless you want them to experience more smoke-filled air than anywhere else on the planet. Really, the smoke in there is terrible.  Go for the goetta, stay for the experience of the dancing Barbie dolls in the top corner.”

“I am all for little “dive” joints, and this one just makes me smile.. even as the grease from my meal dribbles down my chin. Yum. I can literally feel my arteries clogging with each bite, but I can’t resist. It’s like a food train wreck that I can’t stop eating.”

Eat your veggies.

Well said internet people, well said.  Luckily it was pretty empty tonight so we escaped much of the cigarette smoke.  With that being said the place still had that musk like your Grandpa had been sneaking cigarettes and bourbon in the basement for the past twenty years.

Two brothers enjoying the mural art.

The menu is greasy.  Take special note of the picture below that literally has a new, handwritten menu taped on the front of the real menu.  Breakfast is served all day every day, which by the way, is when they’re open… All day, every day.  Apparently they close early on Christmas, but if I’m trying to go there on Christmas Day I want one of you reading this to invite me over so I don’t feel super depressed.

Orders around the table tonight varied… Bud Lights and Bud Heavy.  (And a Diet Coke, to which I am sure the waitress rolled her eyes)  Some cottage cheese, goetta, and cole slaw to start.  Then lots of cheeseburgers, a GLT (goetta, lettuce, and tomato) and then my order… a good ol’ pile of biscuits and gravy.  My order, however, came out last, since the chief had to make it from scratch.  I know you think the server just said that to make me feel better, but seriously… The biscuits were still slightly doughy.  Perfect.

Handwritten Menu.

Well I guess now it’s obvious who ordered the Diet Coke.

Similar to our post about Quatman’s, I’m not going to waste your time trying to describe our food in detail.  It was greasy, and it tasted good.  If you want a greasy spoon with absolutely wonderful dive ambiance, Anchor Grill is your place.

The table of men have spoken and decided that places like Anchor Grill are the reason we do this once a month.  Family owner for over sixty years and still as greasy, smoky, and delicious as ever.

They painted this mural before Creedrence stopped by in the 80s. No, I made that up.

Like a boss. Apparently the real boss had the night off.

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