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Rivertown Brewing Company Tour

Posted by on June 4, 2012

In full disclosure, two girlfriends and one wife did accompany us on this little excursion, but you don’t tour a hometown brewery like the Rivertown Brewing Company and not write something about it so here it is…

Rivertown Brewing Company

Excited to walk in and take our tour of Rivertown Brewing Company

The backstory of Rivertown Brewing Company:

Rivertown Brewing Company was started by two homebrewers that decided they were tired of their bosses.  Located in a Lockland business park, you’d never guess they were quietly cranking out hundreds of barrels of beer each year from this humble warehouse space.  In just a few short years Rivertown Brewing Company has grown into a well-known Cincinnati beer, and we foresee more expansion on the horizon.

When a friend’s girlfriend suggested we all tour the place, I was super excited.  For a mere $5 you get a glass, beer in the glass, and a tour from a brewmaster (in our case it was the co-founder).  Visit their website for more info on tour times.

The actual tour of Rivertown Brewing Company:

I’ve been on lots of tours, but you can always tell the tour guides that really care about the product.  We started the tour with beers in hand, including our tour guide, and walked over to what my friend Chris calls the “beer cow.”  This contraption fills up bottles with a special “sour beer” that sells for about $14 and is considered one of the best sour beers in the country.  After we milked the beer cow, we followed him into the main fermenting room.  There we were given a complete walk-through on how beer is actually produced and what makes different beers taste the way they do.

the beer cow

The ol’ Beer Cow

Like I said, you can tell the guy digs beer.  There was no formal tour plan or memorized speech; he just told you what he loves to do.  It was one of those tours that made you think about your own passions.  What do you talk to others about with a sense of pride and excitement?  This guy loved his beer.  From the hops to the packaging, he told us every little detail.

By the end of the tour we were all thirsty and a few of us ordered samplers.  Now I could try to describe each of the beers, but you don’t really care.  They tasted like beer.  One, however, stands out as special.  Their website describes the Roebling as being, “like a big Chocolate, Espresso infused Brownie.”  I’ve never been a big fan of fruity and foo-foo beers, but this was unbelievable.  The website also says,  “Roebling porter packs a lot a flavor from the use of fresh Organic Ugandan Vanilla beans, Organic Peruvian Espresso/Coffee, and Natural Raw Cane Sugar.”  I’ve tried a lot of beers, even some chocolate stouts, and I’ve never tasted something quite like this beer.  Fantastic.

Don’t forget the growler…

No trip to Rivertown Brewery would be complete without buying a growler of beer… Nothing says class like riding in the back seat of your friend’s car with three giant growlers of fresh beer.  At roughly $12 I’d say it’s a steal… And you can take it back out to them to have it refilled.  How cool is that?

Beer just looks so much cooler in a growler.

Overall, it was a perfect little Saturday adventure.  Where else can you drink a beer while learning about brewing beer for only $5?

Rivertown Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

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